Your Skin in October

       by Plexaderm Research Team

Why October can be awful for your skin!
Your skin in October
Summer is often peoples most favorite time of the year. The suns shining, we usually get a little of that bronzed color to our faces, and most importantly, our skin tends to thrive in these months, but why?

When you think about it, we know the sun is bad for our skin, yet we look our best and science has shown that we really need to avoid the sun to have that flawless look.

So, here’s what’s happening.

During the summer, in most areas of the country, the air is loaded with moisture, helping our skin stay hydrated and healthy looking.

We generally are active, outside more and well, just having a good time.

The result is our skin doesn’t dry out, it acts as a sponge and stays well hydrated, add the sun bronzed skin and you have a great look.

When summer leaves us, we get jolted with a dose of colder weather, heated houses and low humidity, and that means dry skin.

And while dry skin happens to most of us, it hurts our complexion, dry skin can show off your wrinkles more, it often highlights imperfections.

So, what can we do?

Drink lots of water, moisturize, and try to keep the humidity level in your house to 40-50% by using a humidifier.

If wrinkles become more prevalent, make sure you turn up the humidity, moisturize and use Plexaderm to visibly reduce wrinkles in 10-minutes.