New Clinical Study Reveals Plexaderm® Formula Reduces the appearance of Under Eye Bags, Wrinkles, Forehead Lines and Smile Lines!

November 6th, 2017 – Long Island, NY - Clinical study shows dramatic results in 10-Minutes, Clinician and medical doctor amazed at the transformations. 

The clinical results demonstrate that Plexaderm visibly lifts and tightens forehead lines, wrinkles on the cheek, neck and décolletage area. The clinician administering the study stated, “This scientific study shows improvement in facial smoothness and reduction in wrinkles that are highly statistically significant. Without question, the new Plexaderm formula provides superior results.” 

Dr. Mitchell Fleisher, a medical doctor who is an advisor to the company says, “The mechanism of action involves the cream tightening as it dries, which in turn, pulls back and flattens the puffy skin and under-eye bags, while at the same time lifting skin crevasses and thereby relieving wrinkles. The technology is truly remarkable. Though the results are not permanent, the cosmetic effects are impressive and last for many hours, or until you wash your face. And, that’s okay, because Plexaderm works incredibly well.” 

The clinical study measured the depth of wrinkles and the height of under eye puffiness using a Visio machine. A total of 40 men and women participated in the study. The results showed a 75% reported decrease in the appearance of crow’s feet and wrinkles surrounding the eyes, a 69% decrease in the appearance of smile lines, an 81% visual decrease in the depth of forehead lines and a 75% decrease in the appearance of under-eye bags. The Post-Use Survey showed that 100% of the participants were satisfied with their results and 55% of participants felt at least 10 years younger after using Plexaderm.

CEO, Jonathan Greenhut says, “This new clinical study is an improved version of Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Cream. It shows that visibly reducing crow’s feet and under-eye bags in 10 minutes is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to benefits for aging skin.” 

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